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Fleur Delacour HQ by destructiveempathy

Well, your skills are clearly evident. You pay very close attention to facial features which is excellently realistic. You also have a good eye for visual perception in portrait drawing and it is rather clear that you are very comfortable with pencil.

However, there is always room for improvement. Like someone already mentioned, whenever you can get hold of darker led pencils aside from HB, by all means, use them to the best of your ability because it will definitely compliment your clever pencil work! Using a limited value, like what you have here, doesn't bring much attention to this piece; it's lacking a good range in values of lights and darks as well as the right amount of contrast that will allow it to pop out and ''be alive.'' Right now as the drawing is, while the pencil work is good to your level, the overall drawing looks flat and lacks proper depth - the kind of depth that would make it engaging to your audience. Also, you could probably work on adding detail to hair and fabric, which I admit can be tricky for a learning artist but I'm sure if you practice in this area a bit more you'll excel in time. The only reason why I rated you rather low on originality is because this drawing looks very close to the photo you used as a reference and doesn't offer much of its own personal touch that separates it from other movie-based drawings, even though it's an actor/movie character portrait. You can probably use work in this area as well.

Beyond those obvious flaws, I can tell you're a dedicated artist with just the right skills. Keep it up and your skills will flourish! I wish you the best of luck on your accomplishments!
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