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Kedele: Disney Style by GabiSaKuRa

For an attempt at a style you're not usually comfortable with, I have to say, this is remarkably decent. These precisely familiar chara...

This piece is indeed a dark and thrilling read. I don't think I've come across a writing piece this thrilling here on dA to date. The v...

Manifesting Epiphanies by Identifyed-Khaos

I absolutely adore this shot and I completely agree with your description. This shot precisely captures and conveys what you wish to de...

Retribution by Identifyed-Khaos

You know, I really love your gallery. Your photos are captured well, in focus, very brightly coloured - just all around magnificent. Ho...

Fast4Families by GabiSaKuRa

Vision: Let me start by saying that you started out with a very strong idea of what you wanted to present, and judging by the final pie...

Last Hour by NovaHeroi

Photography is probably the toughest art form out there to critique given how disciplined it can be for the photographer, but I'll try ...

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Cuddles under the sheets by Dark-Crescent-Moon
Cuddles under the sheets
by Dark-Crescent-Moon


I promised a critique and here it is. I will try and not make this as long as the last one. ;)

First off, the detail to Randall's scales is insane. The colouring here is very nicely done.

You definitely are getting better at colouring/shading hair as well. Compared to past pieces of Danielle, this is probably the best hair you've done.

Overall, the character designs are strong and aren't washed out by the background; the characters are the centre of the image and that's where viewers' focus should be.

However, the background is probably the weakest point of this piece. While it doesn't have to overpower the drawing and the simplicity of the idea works, I feel you could have paid more attention to detail in, say the sheets on the bed given how much time you spent on character detail. The shading on the pillow is a little dull too. Although the structure of the blinds look just fine.

It's a shame too that you had to censor this piece. While the censoring is clean, Danielle's anatomy is so beautifully done I feel that it really adds so much to the atmosphere.

All in all, minus some minor improvements both pieces look good enough.

Che Burnett by Dark-Crescent-Moon
Che Burnett
by Dark-Crescent-Moon


(Sad to see how very little comments this received. :( ) I hope it's alright if I did the critique in this critique creator. It just helps me out a bit with evaluating. Also, Che's background in the description adds a lot to the overall judgment of how her design is supposed to look, so yes this really helps.

First off, her anatomy is fantastic. I can precisely tell she's part human and part monster before reading her character history. Her pose too is both sexy, intimidating (yes, you got it perfectly here! :clap:), and maybe even a bit vulnerable given the position of her arms compared to her dominating, wide stance (which tells us a lot about her). Her sly grin is equally sinister and also carries a bit of sex appeal, as if she's giving the viewer a ''come here'' suggestion. I don't think her grin would need to be wider; doing so may make her seem clownish and that may not be your intention so the size it is now is just fine because it's also uniquely feminine.

Her overall design is pretty decent from the colour choice to her assorted spots down to her adorned jewelery and her individual pose fits her personality. The values in the colouring is also nicely done but the colouring strokes could be a little smoother, especially with the highlights. Also, you could be a little more creative with her hairdo but I do like the colour and the length; I just feel it doesn't stand out as much as, say her anatomy.

And while there's nothing particularly ''wrong'' with the base colour chosen for the background, it's a bit dull compared to how vibrant the character is. It could contrast with the foreground by a level or two. It seems like it's just kind of ''there'' and should seem apart of the overall composition.

Overall, the character of Che is very fascinating and I'd love to see more of her whenever you can. Keep up the great work, dear! :thumbsup:

(I hope I got everything. If I missed anything that you're dying to know about, just let me know.)

May Kanker by Queen-Asante
May Kanker
by Queen-Asante



What you did here is you brought a very unique touch to a well-known fandom character. Drawn in your own, refreshing style it is a whole new look at the May Kanker we recognise and hopefully adore just as well. The colour choice suits the character to a tee and precisely emphasises the core of her personality, exactly what the viewers are looking for. The energy she engagingly delivers to her audience is nothing short of appealing! Also, the amount of detail you went out of your way to express the essence of May is indeed impressive! From her expressive eyes to the flush in her complexion down to the careful placement of her freckles – perfect! And her gaze suggests a lot to us – who she is and what she wants us to know about her!

Of course, for being such an excellently crafted drawing, it has its share of flaws. For instance, while the crosshatching technique is done very skillfully in the areas viewers tend to notice first, there are other areas where it could have been done differently. Particularly near the breast area. The folds in her shirt beneath her breasts seem a little off. For next time, I would suggest using a quality crosshatching reference to better master this technique. Also, while I love the way you drew her hair I feel it could use more texture (like highlights) as well as more than just two values to allow this feature to pop out more, even though this is generally a simple style. When I look at the way you did Nazz’s hair for instance, it blows me away! May’s is still skillfully drawn but overall a little boring by comparison. I also feel the range of tones and the amount of contrast in her eyes could use more variety. They seem a bit flat, though it’s a fairly a nice shade.

Other than that, this is one of my favourite pieces from you, it’ll never fail to impress me. Keep up the excellent work, Asante!

The Artist thought this was FAIR



Selected favourite artists:

If you haven't already and might be interested, check out the galleries of my sister :iconsarahfina-rose: and my father :iconshariyat:. They're a bit under appreciated but produce some decent work, in my opinion. Have a look:

The Son of a Shepherd Progress 2 by Sarahfina-Rose Merida Progress by Sarahfina-Rose Please Don't Go to Scarborough Fair Photo 17 by Sarahfina-Rose Christine Daae Cosplay 6 by Sarahfina-Rose Moja Zydowska Krew- Mike Wazowski for Asante Final by Sarahfina-Rose Rough Sketch of Mononoke 2 by Sarahfina-Rose Berlyn Konrad Giovanna Concept by Sarahfina-Rose Satin Rose by Sarahfina-Rose The Rose She Left Behind by Sarahfina-Rose Chinese Mona Lisa by Sarahfina-Rose The Serpent's Code Concept Art by Sarahfina-Rose Musashi I by Sarahfina-Rose Alter Ego by Shariyat All Elements of Art Contest by Shariyat Rose by Shariyat Reflection by Shariyat The Goddess of Destruction Detail 1 by Shariyat The Goddess of Destruction by Shariyat The Goddess of Destruction Photo Set by Shariyat

My cousin :iconlone-bean: takes some acceptable photographs as well:

Light Fire by lone-bean Purple Heart by lone-bean Feeling Dandy by lone-bean Neighborhood Sunset by lone-bean Rainbow Road by lone-bean Road to the City of Gold by lone-bean Streaks of Gold by lone-bean Surrender to Purple by lone-bean Pinkish White Flower by lone-bean Fire Dust by lone-bean Leave by lone-bean Walk Along by lone-bean Sideshot by lone-bean River Rocks by lone-bean Raspberry Skies by lone-bean Retreat by lone-bean Falling for Autumn by lone-bean Takeover by lone-bean Laying With the Leaves by lone-bean Hawaiian Ocean Sunset by lone-bean

Also, you're more than welcome to check out my new friend's gallery, :iconrensuchan:. The Merida cosplay she photographed is MINDBLOWING (it would be a great help too if anyone could help donate :points: to her):

On the Hunt by rensuchan Lady Merida by rensuchan How can I Change My Fate... by rensuchan Ready to Fire by rensuchan

Also, feel free to check out :iconqueen-asante: / :iconaskthesonofashepherd:'s gallery, one of my very good friends. She's pretty amazing:

Elisa Gibbs by Queen-Asante Ezeke again by Queen-Asante Elisa Gibbs in EEnE Style by Queen-Asante Red Socks for Karla by Queen-Asante Do We Look Like Love-Birds? by AsktheSonofaShepherd Ivy Ezayre, Age 12 by Queen-Asante All I Want for Christmas Final Contest Entry by Queen-Asante Rolf ID coloured by Queen-Asante Melinda Rousseau Coloured by Queen-Asante Ivy Walker for Sarahfina Rose by Queen-Asante The Vampire Maiden Coloured by Queen-Asante May Kanker by Queen-Asante Ezeke and the Eds coloured by Queen-Asante Shy Eyes by Queen-Asante If I Loved You- RolfXEzeke by Queen-Asante Ed, Interrupted Progress by Queen-Asante Nazz by Queen-Asante Is Someone Looking? RolfXEzeke by Queen-Asante Ezeke Colored by Queen-Asante Elisa Gibbs 2 Progress by Queen-Asante Ed Edd N Eddy by Queen-Asante I Just Gotta Relax! for Yaar Colored by Queen-Asante Disney Character Practice 1 by Queen-Asante Why Do You Care? by Queen-Asante RandallXDanielle Final by Queen-Asante Can You Ever Forgive Me Colored by Queen-Asante Bad Lizard by Queen-Asante Can't Help Falling in Love with You Colored by Queen-Asante Gothic Lolita Rapunzel Contest Entry by Queen-Asante Sexy Hikari Sketch by Queen-Asante You Don't Want None of My Sugar by Queen-Asante Hiya Bunny-Boy! Base Colors by Queen-Asante Scene d'amour- PeppyXGeorge Colored by Queen-Asante You Don't Need to See, Only to Feel- Base Colors by Queen-Asante Peppy Miller Full Color by Queen-Asante Too Much for One Heart by Queen-Asante Tell Him by Queen-Asante As Long As There Is Life There Is Hope by Queen-Asante After Sex Cuddle Final by Queen-Asante Play With Me by Queen-Asante Uncle Mikey by Queen-Asante Sexy May by Queen-Asante Boo and Lil' Mikey by Queen-Asante May and Meowth by Queen-Asante May and Meowth School Days by Queen-Asante

And another talented friend of mine, :iconzawart:. This dude's talent is insane (and yet, he compliments my mediocre abilities :blushes:):

Even Death by ZawArt Khaleesi by ZawArt Hazel by ZawArt Shaman by ZawArt Annie In The Forest by ZawArt Women 4 by ZawArt DreamDust by ZawArt Kat by ZawArt Odrobinka by ZawArt Azyriel by ZawArt Magda by ZawArt Chrismas by ZawArt Mother by ZawArt Rose by ZawArt Gosia The Witch by ZawArt Witchcraft by ZawArt KatieBloo by ZawArt Klaudia by ZawArt Funeral Wooden Triptych by ZawArt

And another artist friend with superb pencil work and other traditional/digital media, :iconfelt-heart: :

.:Dulin Aran:. by Felt-heart Passing of Light by Felt-heart The Last Rose of Summer by Felt-heart The House of Elrond by Felt-heart The Grayhoud by Felt-heart The Wild Rover by Felt-heart Serenity by Felt-heart Hawthorn Tree by Felt-heart Elvan Palace by Felt-heart The Black Citadel by Felt-heart Nymph by Felt-heart Antoinette by Felt-heart Fortune by Felt-heart Marauders Studying by Felt-heart Alice by Felt-heart Puppets by Felt-heart Robin Hood and Maid Marian by Felt-heart Traveling Under the Stars by Felt-heart



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Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United Kingdom
LiveJournal | The In-Between Nightmare.Tumblr | The Train At King's Cross (a Harry Potter blog) | Flickr: crimson sage

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Photobucket Photobucket
I don't exactly ''stan'' for this destructive pairing but they were pretty cute as kids.

Conceptual Sketcher | Amateur Photographer | Writer-in-Progress | Genderqueer (?) | Asexual (well, I'm still a little confused/questioning in a way) | Asperger's & OCD (diagnosed by Dr. Barbara Parry, Ph.D) | Racially Human

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:heart:You're welcome in return!:heart:

“There is only one race, and that is the human race. You can’t cure stupid, but you can change ignorance.”
--Jane Elliott

Genderqueer Stamp by sunbirdsLGBT+ Stamp by Kezzi-RoseAsexual Stamp by sunbirds
Mental illness isn't "cool" by shadowlight-oakbeyond gender by Sierra-plzLGBT stamp by Bourbons3Inspiration Stamp, 100 Feet and Closing by endlerInspirational Stamp off the Port Bow by endler
STAMP - Gay NO disease by DraguendoPride :Stamp: by Circe-BakaLove Knows No Gender by CK-NoNameNone of the Above Stamp by ninetails390

Artwork by chotpot/*Edit (3 April 2014): A Comic About Gender by RainbowBruises on deviantART
Because Society is an Ass when it comes to Gender not fitting in ''neat little constructed boxes''; however Gender is much more complex than what we normally give it credit for. Sex is what we're assigned at birth given the appearance of our genitalia and/or medically tested chromosomes, etc. (fuck those shitty doctors). According to Society only two boxes exist: Male and Female - biologically and by reproductive means, yes I suppose (and Intersex is almost always ''corrected'' without the consent of the child, seriously fucked up beyond fucked). We're then expected to act in a socially constructed way based on these two labels - Man/Boy, Woman/Girl - that will follow us for the rest of our lives unless we make full surgical transitions that hardly anyone has the money for and not everybody wants (because truth be told Transphobia and other phobias do exist in the medical field so these doctors aren't always willing to make your new bottom parts pretty). Gender is separate from Sex; it is an Identity within the brain and is totally accurate regardless of Sex. And Sexual Orientation is also different; it can be whatever it wants to be regardless of Gender Identity. Though regardless of whatever labels out there exist (there's too many to count), we're all just People no matter what. Our whole Society is based around who-is-what and what-is-this but this little cute comic really goes to show any of this is not that big of a deal and Sex shouldn't be used as a tool to judge the Human Race. But sadly, it persists.

 photo 292627_original-Copy2_zpsad7990d4.jpg
Source(s): 1 | 2
These should be T-shirts. They DESERVE to be. I'd wear them to Uni nearly everyday if I can help it and piss people off doing it.

 photo tumblr_mjxm270mdd1r9efgvo1_500_zpscac53fc0.gif

Stamp: I Read BANNED Books by tranimation-artdA stamp - Writing is art, too by Valen-sanMy Characters STAMP by NocturnalMelody9I Support Imagination stamp by c3ph31dW r i t e r s  S t a m p by RainbowJuiceProud Writer Stamp by KTWizardRead it or Lose it by IaiaRosePotter Books :stamp: by Amblygonstamp - don't judge a book... by Daeg-Nihtstamp - don't judge a movie... by Daeg-Niht


:star:''JK Rowling created seven Horcruxes. She put a part of her soul in every book and now her books will live forever.''
--Stephen King


 photo 397953_original_zps70fcd3db.jpg

:iconccwelcomedplz1::iconccwelcomedplz2:Critique by EpicStampsCritique Stamp by PsychoMonkeyShogunStamp - Critique by Fullmetal-PhantomCritique Stamp. by AmetarsuCritique Stamp by LhuneArtAn Insult is NOT a Critique by blazingrunawayAnyone Can Critique by Haters-Gonna-Hate-MeCritique stamp by Moonlight-pendent13Critique GTFO Stamp by BrightLusterSoldier
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ARR by JacqChristiaan
Not that I claim to be any good, but I'd still appreciate if the greatest respect was given for my work.
Trace, recolour, or claim my ''ugly'' images as your own work (they're not even marketable). Must I mention references? I half-hope trolls don't find my crap *that* attractive enough to go that far. (Remember: You may steal the scan/photo and place your own name on it, but I will always have the original.)

Deviation Buttons: Anti Theft by Metadream Deviation Buttons: Anti Base by Metadream
Deviation Buttons: AntiRecolor by Metadream Deviation Buttons: Anti Trace by Metadream Deviation Buttons: Anti Stock by Metadream Deviation Buttons: No Requests by Metadream Deviation Buttons: Lineart 2 by Metadream
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I only give points to close friends who deserve it and for good causes (i.e. groups that support the fight against abuse, rape, cancer, passive racism and sexism, hate crimes against the LGBTQ community, etc.), sorry.

:star:Awesome Causes/Groups I Support::star:

Subtlety, via Tumblr

 photo tumblr_mc0et5a5Ld1ro2c2ro3_400_zps0d1e841d.gif
 photo tumblr_mc0et5a5Ld1ro2c2ro6_400_zps7977e13c.gif  photo tumblr_mc0et5a5Ld1ro2c2ro7_400_zps98a6c1a4.gif

We Survived Stamp by shanokeeWhite ribbon by BlueRavenAngelStop Child Porn Stamp by ppgrainbowSurvivor. by Not-ThinkThe Only Ones to Blame by linawifeofLDon't Rape by linawifeofLMale Rape Stamp by shadowlight-oakyes they do by DametoraIt's not exclusive by SwimmingferretAnti-Racism by KeykeySay No To Racism by ZeKRoBzSRacism Stamp by ProdigiesStamp: Reverse Racism by 8manderz8Misandry Exists by genkistamps:Breast Cancer Awareness by paramoreSUCKSBoys and girls: They can like what they like by RoliStamps.:: Animal Rights Stamp V2 ::. by loneantarcticwolfHelp Stop Child Abuse by Mr-StampSame-sex stamp by StarymotoGender Equality by LingYaoHuman Rights Stamp by honeyhalliwellJust Say NO by DametoraNo Stereotypes by silentbattlecryAnti-Rape Stamp by Sorceress2000Gender Norms Stamp by SpikytasticNot gender specific by shadowlight-oaksexism stamp by piratekit

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"You don't have to be gay to be a supporter -- you just have to be human."
--Daniel Radcliffe

“Don’t deny differences. Accept them, appreciate them, recognise them, and cherish them. They are extremely important.”

“Because we are still conditioning people in this country and, indeed, all over the globe to the myth of white superiority. We are constantly being told that we don’t have racism in this country anymore, but most of the people who are saying that are white. White people think it isn’t happening because it isn’t happening to them.''

“I’m sorry, but…I cannot shed tears for a young white female in this exercise who knows that this is an exercise, who knows that this is temporary, who knows that she is getting one hour of college credit for being here. I’m sorry, but I have to save my sympathy and empathy for those who have to go through something much worse than this every single day.”

--Jane Elliott

"In this country, ‘American’ means white. Everybody else has to hyphenate."
--Toni Morrison


Current Residence: Across the Unnamed River Lies Two Sides of the Moon Where Reality & Fantasy is Blurred, Otherwise the In-Between Nightmare
Favourite genre of music: Celtic, Movie/Video Game Soundtracks + Movie Trailer Soundtracks, Indie Rock, Rock 'n' Roll, Soul Rock, some Musicals, 60s 70s 80s Classics, just about anything unique
Favourite photographer: Steve McCurry, Elena Kalis, Nadia Moro, Sally Mann, Bill Henson
Favourite style of art: Digital Art (including some Photo Manipulation), Photography, Traditional Art, Conceptual, Graphic Design, Artisan Crafts, Designs & Interfaces, Literature, Film, Animation, Music, Surrealism, Other
Favourite deviant Artists: Queen-Asante, Sarahfina-Rose, Shariyat, Dark-Crescent-Moon, Felt-heart, ZawArt, rensuchan
Favourite Fictional Character(s): The Outcasts, the Misunderstood, the Flawed, the Rebels, the Calculating, the Snarky, the Survivors, the Tragic - Jean Valjean (The Boss), Agrin (Turtles Can Fly), Severus Snape, Luna Lovegood, Hermione Granger, Katniss Everdeen, Rue, Lisbeth Salander, Lisa Rowe, Eric (Phantom of the Opera), Elphaba Thropp (Gregory Maguire's book, not the crap musical), Heathcliff, Jane Eyre, Carrie White, Frankenstein's Monster (or ''Adam,'' Mary Shelley's book - not the movies), Atticus Finch, Mr. Darcy, Cassie Ainsworth, Franky Fitzgerald, Princess Nausicaa (Hayao Miyazaki), Eeyore, George Lundgren (formerly Nordgren), Ivy Walker, Gabriel Velvet Moss (OC created by MrsDecepticonQueen & Dark-Crescent-Moon, respectively), Briony Tallis, Hanna Heller (Joe Wright's Hanna), Sansa & Arya Stark, Unique Adams, Hushpuppy (Beasts of the Southern Wild), India Stoker, Helga Pataki, Mojo Jojo, HIM, Marla Singer (Fight Club), Mathilda (Léon)
Favourite Film (All Time): Turtles Can Fly (2004)

Inspirational Person(s) (Fictional, Legend, Dead or Alive): beckie0, Marina Golbahari, Joan of Arc, Hua Mulan, JK Rowling, Bahman Ghobadi, Nelofer Pazira, Sacheen Littlefeather (she was extremely brave what she did), Janis Joplin, Laura Nyro, Brandon Teena, David Reimer, Jane Elliott (''blue eyes/brown eyes'' exercise), Deepa Mehta, Malala Yousafzai
Personal Quote: ''The creative adult is the child who survived.''

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 photo tumblr_lxtndjT6eb1qbh830o2_500_zps5fd9da34.gif
 photo tumblr_mlmlraJCPv1s9byz3o1_500_zps603a354b.gif
 photo tumblr_liupwmMMEC1qzgrg8o1_500_zpsd4a16c81.gif
 photo tumblr_m20tnodByo1r378wzo1_500_zps42aa961a.gif
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502 deviations
Let's call this a special art feature.

It's rare, funny and strange when this happens - since I don't really post about my original projects that often given how obvious it may be by how slow I work and just my own personal insecurities with sharing them, it's more than naturally expected - but when certain artists do decide to take a stab at one of my original characters, it makes me more than happy to see their own interpretations of them.

Firstly, Ivy Ezayre, a 12-year-old FTM transgender boy (he was originally genderqueer, but he changed as I did) of The Time of Chemical Ivy, an original unproduced screenplay project in-progress, by Asante Chowdhurry/Queen-Asante as interpreted by her in his pre-transition form:

Ivy Ezayre, Age 12 by Queen-AsanteIvy Character Sheet by Queen-Asante

These are actually older, which should be apparent since Asante has improved immensely as an artist since then, but I never forgot about them and I still adore them, even in her older, simpler style. Heck, she even went out of her way to do two!

With that being said, I used to have rough sketches of this character in my gallery, but they have since been put in storage because unfinished concepts don't seem to add anything to my mediocre gallery as it is. I think I ought to finish them...

Edit (8 Oct. 2014): *sigh* I have decided to display at least one of the works in progresses publicly again, but only displayed in my Scraps and not my main gallery.

Ivy WIP by JDNight

Secondly, Sage Willoh, a young and miserable Fantine-type character of two single-universe projects - Crimson Sage and its sequel The Metallic Dollsman - by Sidney Gonzalez/Rolf-Fan-Girl:

Happy Birthday JDNight by Rolf-Fan-Girl

Honestly, I only have two finished ''drawings'' (more like crap sketches) of this character up in my gallery so far, and given what little material she had to work off of, she utilised whatever references she had beautifully, I think:

Sage Willoh: My Body Is Not a Playground by JDNightSage Willoh Character Concept by JDNight

I even went out of my way to make a new Favourites Collection for this type of art here. I don't expect this collection to fill up, but given these art pieces are somewhat special to me, I wanted to separate them from the rest of my Watchers Feature (although, they appear in this collection too).

Thank you so much, loves! :blowkiss: I ought to repay you with gifts of your own original characters (or whatever character you'd like). Just give me some time because knowing me, I work at a slow pace.

Journal History

Gender Identity; You Are... 

4 deviants said Cisgender Female
3 deviants said Cisgender Male
3 deviants said FTM Transgender
3 deviants said Genderqueer/Third Gender, etc.
2 deviants said What is gender?
1 deviant said Other
1 deviant said I don't know
1 deviant said I don't know what the fuck you're on
No deviants said MTF Transgender
No deviants said Intersex



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